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– PA-18 & PA-19 Rigging Instructions -180 V-Brace Installation
 РPA-18 Weight and Balance Form
– Ski Rigging Instructions – Cargo Net Installation Photos
– Folding Jump Seat Install Instructions – Extended Baggage Install Instructions
– Aft Float Fitting Install Instructions – MLG Long Step Install Instructions
– Lumber Rack Install Instructions – PA-18 Fuel System Diagrams
– Removable Rear Seat Crossbar Install
– Muffler, Muffler Shroud, and Preheater
Shroud Install Instructions
РDHC-2 Center Seat Install Diagram Repair Station Operations Specifications & Limitations, Drug Program Info.
– PA-18 Fuselage Tube Sizes – Control Cable Tension Adjustments
– Torque Values Control Surface Travel Tolerances
– Station and Frames Diagram FAA 8.50 Tire On Cessna Aircraft
– F. Atlee Dodge Universal Windshield Defroster Kit Installation Instruction Shoulder Harness Data and F. Atlee Dodge Attach Bracket Installation Instructions
– Textron Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1204B Exhaust Flange Gaskets
Ski Bungee P/Ns and Model Applicability*

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