Where can I find the FAA Approval Letter for 8.50 Tires on Cessna Aircraft
– Click Here
Where can I find the STC for PA-18 control surfaces for PA-11, PA-12, J3, J5, and PA-14 series aircraft?

– Contact Anne Wilbur (907) 250-2641

Where can I find STC’s for PA-18 control surfaces on PA-20’s & PA-22’s?

Where can I find STC’s for PA-20 & PA-22 Weld on  Float Fittings?

– Contact Josh Svenningsen at Svenn’s Aviation LLC, svennandsons@yahoo.com

Where can I find information about Roger Borers STC’s?

– Contact Karen at (907) 522-1028 (See list of these STC’s)

Where can I find STC’s for short wing Piper parts?

– www.trimmeraviation.com

 Where can I find information about Day & Night STC’s?– Call Ron Sullivan at (907) 345-4630 
 Where can I find information about Crosswind’s STC’s?- Call Charlie Center at (907) 376-8069
 Where can I find information about Alaskan Aircraft Products STC’s?

Call Butch Cavanaugh at (907) 376-7070

Hot Rod Muffler Information:

– The average static RPM increase is 30 – 65 RPM
Most aircraft have a slight rate of climb increase
– EGT is slightly lower
– The oil temperature is slightly lower
– No modifications  to cowling or stacks are needed
– The FAA considers the muffler to be a direct replacement
– There is no A.D. note – The muffler comes with an FAA letter stating that the muffler is an
alternative means of compliance to the A.D.
– The sound is a little louder/deeper
– The 2 – piece shroud is included, as well as the tailpipe clamp and tailpipe support rod.

Heavy Duty Landing Gear General Information:

– All F. Atlee Dodge gear is fabricated with the 2000# gross weight increase tube
New hardware is not included with gear
Gear is shipped unpainted or unprimed.  Powder coating is an option at $70 per gear leg
– Powder coating can be done at a cost of $70 per side
Gear has bushings installed in forward and aft upper-attach fittings
Axles nuts or brake lines are not included
– Standard length and 3″ extended gear are “stock” items – 6″ extended gear is built per customer request
– Gear is offered for 1 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ axles
All main landing gear have gussets and doublers supporting the lower gear legs
– All F. Atlee Dodge gear uses 1 1/2″ OD forward tube and 1 3/8″ OD rear tube

Average weight difference standard gear vs. 3″ extended gear:

1 1/4″ Axle – 1# 12oz
1 1/2″ Axle – 2#  4oz

Hydrasorb Q & A’s:

Who installs the shock cords (bungees) on the hydrasorb units?
In Alaska – Stoddards (907) 272-2372 or Dan’s (907) 278-9516
In the Lower 48 – Univair Aircraft (888) 433-5433

What is the part number for the shock cords?
The Super Cub drivers in Alaska use p/ns 1280HDCW and 1380HDCW

What is the normal life span of shock cords?
Normal span is 10 years, but they should be inspected at each annual or 100 hour inspection.


M R Borer STC listing:

SA136AL Installation of Lycoming O-320 engine
SA148AL PA-18 main landing gear and installation of EDO 2000 floats
SA149AL Installation of auxiliary baggage compartment
SA189AL Install left side cabin door
SA190AL Increased gross weight to 1935 pounds
SA192AL Flap handle installation and adjustable fore and aft pilot and co-pilot’s seat
SA253AL Installation of McCauley 1A175/GM propeller
SA279AL Installation of McCauley 1A175/GM propeller on -135 models listed and
installation of McCauley
SA289AL Install rudder centering device
SA297AL Installation of McCauley 1A175/GM8241 propeller
SA384AL Installation of rudder centering device
SA385AL Installation of rudder centering device in lieu of ventral fin – Includes PA20S
SA387AL Installation of McCauley 1A175GM8241 propeller * A/C must be equipped with
EDO 88-1650 floats
SA388AL Installation of EDO 88-1650 floats (Spec item 209(a)) when modified per STC
SA1-167 and SA387AL
SA425AL Installation of removable seat back support
SA5-29 Install third seat in baggage compartment and relocate battery aft of baggage
SA5-31 Auxiliary baggage tube
SA5-39 Large horizontal stabilizers and elevators
SA5-7 Install framing and seat in baggage compartment