Bracket for Lift Strut Reinforcing


[PDF] PA-12 Bracket Lift Strut ReinforcingĀ 

[PDF] PA-18 Bracket Lift Strut ReinforcingĀ 


P/N: 3192-12


NAME: Bracket for Lift Strut Reinforcing
PRICE: 3192-18 $93.50 Each

3192-12 $82.50 Each

ELIGIBLE ON: PA-12, PA-18 Series Aircraft
STC’s: – PA-12, -14: SA02021AK
– PA-18: SA02026AK
FAA-PMA’d: Yes
WEIGHT: 4 OZ. Each
MATERIAL: – 4130N Steel
– Powder Coated White
PURPOSE: To reinforce u-channel on front spar lift strut attachment.
INSTALLATION: – Can be accomplished when wings are covered
– Install time with fabric on wings is 1.5 hours per side.
– Recommended to install on LH & RH wings at the same time.
– To be installed on the front side of the spar only.
MISC INFO: If lift strut fitting is bent or has elongated holes, it must be replaced.